Bride Beauty Roadtest #1 Spot dots from Formula 10.0.06

My 2nd packet of ONS spot dots! I love you!

The Greenhearts Girls bravely take any beauty challenge that will help a bride, groom or guest look and feel their best on the day.

Here’s the truth, I’m 39 and have acne. Not the simple spots of my misspent youth (if only), but since my mid-20s I get red, fat cystic acne that rarely turn into a satisfying head for me to pop.

Disgusting? You bet. But how many readers out there get satisfaction from popping that painful zit? I absolutely do (think Charlotte from SITC who stared at her pores for hours) and the worst part is these cysts hurt so I can’t stop myself from touching them and trying to get them out. Instead I just mutilate my face they just grow and get worse and scar my chin in dark, hard spots.

Look I’ve tried Proactiv (it works but its harsh), seen dermos (pills for months no thanks) and seen countless beauticians and spent thousands on potions and regimens. Sure it all works, but it doesn’t work every month and it doesn’t stop it completely. Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been using Glymed from a beautician but its very expensive (3 steps day & night at about $100 a bottle) and again, the results are patchy at best and every few months it makes no difference. Now I’m supposed to get peels, but that’s more money I really can’t afford on a maybe.

So off to my local priceline to ‘self medicate’ and replace my uber-expensive Glymed with some DIY instead. The results can’t be much worse and the price much better I figure.

Now the gold-class service my beautician gave included free ‘spot zapping’ with some secret chemical so corrosive she had to wear gloves to apply it and it burnt like hell. So if I had a real painful zinger I had to – call her, go over and get the zap – and with 2 kids and a husband, that was a lot of commitment for a zit.

So here, for less than a $10 note I have my own spot zapping at my fingertips. Surely it’s some kind of con? For a tenner, I was willing to give it a shot.

People – BUY THIS PRODUCT! It works incredibly well. You put on these invisible stickers that your partner can’t see and voila overnight my painful red zingers visibly shrink and after a couple of nights are gone! Or better still, sometimes they turn into pimples I can squeeze…

Now I’ve diligently compared ingredients between this and my expensive skincare and while the makers claim its the tea tree and grapeseed extract I’m pretty sure its the industrial strength salycilic acid that’s doing the trick.

And boy am I grateful!

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: I found it in the shop, bought it and used it independently. Greenhearts does not work for, consult to, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article and has no relevant affiliation.


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