Flowers are the ecofriendly way to show you love her

SAMSUNGAre you ready to make a big, bold and colourful statement about your relationship? Well here’s a little secret…
Sometimes in our rush to embrace technology and ‘the new’ we can easily forget that what’s worked for centuries can still make your lover’s heart race.

When you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level then one single action can mean far more than hundreds of small interactions.

Forget selfies, e-cards, text and Facebook messages. These may well be the ways through which modern relationships are built, but nothing can communicate your feelings better than a stunning, fresh, hand-delivered bouquet. Sure modern women may outwardly scoff at the idea of flowers from their partner as either a waste of money or old-fashioned. Still even the most practical woman will admit to feeling truly adored when a surprise bouquet arrives from you — just for her.

Greenhearts tip: Ask your florist to choose in-season and Australian blooms. You’ll be saving travel emissions and water!

To ramp up the romance, make an impact by sending her flowers when she least expects them. Valentine’s Day, your anniversary and her birthday are all excellent opportunities to send her a gorgeous bouquet but it won’t have that added ‘wow’ of genuine surprise.

Greenhearts tip: Remember to order her a ethically-made, designer vase from Noritake to keep your love token.
You’ll truly thrill her if you make your floral declaration on a regular day, and you’ll be equally pleased by how little effort your romantic spontaneity takes.

Oh and here’s another little secret… for maximum effect, send it to her workplace or family function so her friends and co-workers are in no doubt of your feelings for her, and neither is she.


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