ecofriendly wedding ideas is our blog. It’s the place where we talk about green wedding ideas, show you great eco-friendly products and talk about wedding style generally.

Greenhearts ethical & sustainable wedding registry was launched because we don’t think that weddings should be ‘an industry’ where your friends and family spend thousands of dollars on things you don’t need or want. These things often go out of style quickly, don’t last or just break.

Wedding rings are forever like a Greenhearts giftYour Greenhearts registry lets you choose gifts that are beautiful, ethical and will last you a lifetime. Our unique 5 hearts rating system means the hard work of verifying has been done for you.

All that’s left is the fun of choosing with the confidence that your gifts will improve the lives of the long chain of people and communities who made them, without harming the environment.

The Greenhearts vision is that gift-giving enhances the lives and communities of the people who designed and made the gifts as well as bringing joy and pleasure to the lives of the recipients.

The Greenhearts mission is to get couples thinking about the positive impact their wedding gifts can have on their lives and the lives of the people who design and make their gifts.

We live our mission and vision by providing an easy to use online wedding gifts registry where each product has been researched and categorised in terms of its sustainability and ethical manufacture.

Greenhearts is owned and operated by Elena Martin and Irena Bukhshtaber and our families.

We had the idea after being more than a little bit disgusted by the greed and excess we saw from going to many weddings and experiencing the registry process ourselves.

We both love stuff, but over time we’ve learned to appreciate that one great quality pan or cutlery set will last a lot longer and bring you a lot more pleasure then buying lots of cheap, poor quality things that need replacing and end up as landfill sooner rather than later.

Great stuff that you’re proud of make it easier and more fun to cook and entertain – sustaining your relationships and creating a more enjoyable and ethical life.

As we worked on Greenhearts together over the last few years between jobs and raising kids, we’ve built a unique catalogue of thousands of products. We got better at understanding the provenance (source, materials, logistics) of products and picking gorgeous, ethical and sustainable stuff. We ask a lot of questions about everything to get it right.

Irena’s background in sustainability and communications fits perfectly with Elena’s experience in homewares, design & logistics. Between us, I know we’ve got an eye for finding you the best stuff on earth.


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