Mad Men Season 6 Behind the scenes – Spot the difference

We’re half way through the season and looking so closely at this show, I’ve found that there are scenes and colour schemes that mirror each other. Whether this is by conscious or unconscious design, or by budget constraints (better use up that paint, fabric etc), or maybe they just ran out of ideas (doubt it) it delivers a unity throughout the many sets of the Mad Men world.

Hotel vs Soap set
Here is Don & Megan’s hotel room room in Hawaii. There’s blue walls with cream/gold detail and inlay. There’s a dark wood 4-post carved bed with a deep red, almost royal bedspread, cream/gold couch and wooden occasional furniture.

Here is Megan on set at her TV show within a TV show where she’s a maid for some rich white folks (I note this because in ‘real Mad Men’ the help tend to be African-American or Latino – Carla, Roger’s shoe shine guy, Megan’s maid etc.
A set needs to be brighter than life and smaller in size so characters can quickly cross the room and interact. However The rooms are strikingly similar. From the golden curtains, to the red patterned bedspread and dark wood 4-poster bed (shorter posts so it’s easy to ravage the hot maid from any angle), to the cream furniture and of course – the season colour – blue/grey walls. The walls are embellished with cream in lay as well.
 Diner vs Diner

 Last week, on ep 4, we saw dawn and her friend, Mod Bridezilla, catch up for girlie chit cats at their local. Very Seinfeld! This week Ginsberg took his lovely blind date to a diner so we’ve 2 of these fine establishments to consider.
The main difference seems to be the vibe. The lighting in Dawn’s diner is darker and smokey, Ginsberg’s lighting is almost hospital crisp.
The colour palette in both is tied by the wine-red seating but while Ginsberg’s diner is accented by clean cream walls and a white as white counter, Dawn’s diner has dark woods, mint green walls, dark wood panelling and a black/white motelled counter top.
Overall, Ginsberg’s diner – and perhaps this is purely because he is taking someone on a date so may have taken her to a slightly nicer joint – is bright, uniform, and balanced – even the prints on the wall are neat and tidy in their array. In Dawn’s diner the prints are hung with less precision, the size and shapes are not uniform.

Fancy restaurant vs fancy reception fabrics
Finally these two shots make me think, that yes, it’s all about budgets for Mad Men set designers who’ve cut the couch and the panel from the same truly ugly (by today’s standards) cloth.

Accident or design? Your thoughts please?

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